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Hi, I'm Sonja Hutton for CorePPM.

CorePPM is a project portfolio management system that helps senior management improve project success and profitability by enhancing visibility into project health and enforcing the consistency of project reporting.

It does this without adding additional project overhead. In fact, it actually eliminates some of the most unproductive, time-consuming, and burdensome activities normally associated with project management.

CorePPM allows you to define any number of flexible templates for the different types of projects you manage. As new projects are begun, the appropriate template is applied and deployed, ensuring that every project of that type utilizes the same milestones and other success measures.

As milestones approach, the system prompts project team members via email to report progress. As team members respond to email prompts, the system automatically updates the project status. When team members fail to respond, the system prompts the supervisors to intervene.

Keeping in mind that project teams often include clients, CorePPM makes it possible to keep clients aware of their own project commitments as well.

With every project being reported on consistently, it's possible for the first time to understand the true health of all projects across your organization.

CorePPM provides executive dashboards and an array of management reports that allow you to evaluate the health of every project your organization is managing. Manage success metrics for all of your projects over time and compare the relative effectiveness of all your project teams.

Again, CorePPM creates no additional overhead for your project teams, nor does it replace systems already in place for managing project tasks or other tools already in use.

The system simply automates many of the activities you and your project managers are already engaged in to communicate project health and progress. To that end, it eliminates inefficient status meetings that require resources to prepare project reports and sit through hours of wasted meeting time. Time when they could be working on projects.

CorePPM is a true enterprise application. Easy to configure project templates support all types of projects from engineering to marketing and everything in between.

Learn how your organization can begin using CorePPM to bring visibility and efficiency to all it's project team activities. Contact us today to arrange for a demonstration. For CorePPM, I'm Sonja Hutton.

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